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Trekkopje Water Supply Scheme

  • Project Name: Trekkopje Water Supply Scheme for the Uramin Trekkopje Mine in Namibia
  • Client: Areva
  • KCE Involvement: Sub-consultant to BICON Namibia. BICON Namibia was the sub-consultant to the principal consultant TURGIS Consulting.
  • Project Cost: Million NAD 460.0
  • Duration: 2007 to 2011

Kuchling Consulting Engineers was responsible for the design and construction supervision of the above ground Wlotzkasbaken – Trekkopje Desalinated Water Pipeline as well as for the construction supervision of the terminal reservoir at the Trekkopje Uranium Mine.

The Consultant, Felix Kuchling, finalised the pipeline route, compiled the terms of reference for and supervised the pipeline route survey and the necessary geotechnical investigations along the route. He was then responsible for the design of the vertical alignment of the above ground pipeline. The pipeline length is 47 km with a diameter of 800 mm using ductile cast iron pipe material for a maximum flow of 2 740 m3/hr at an operating pressure of 28 bar.

This exercise included determining the locations of all pipeline appurtenances. Fourteen different pedestal types were designed and optimized in terms of cost to cater for the two founding conditions (rock or soft material), the varying height between the pipe and the ground (400 to 2400 mm) and the various loading conditions depending on the pressure in the pipe (up to 28 bar) and the mode of deflection (upwards, downwards and sideways). During construction KCE was responsible for the overall supervision, contracts administration, testing and commissioning of the pipeline and worked in close liaison with BICON Namibia and TURGIS Consulting, the principle consultant and project manager, who carried out the civil, mechanical and electrical designs of the three pump stations with their balancing tanks.


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